Headshots Made Simple

Everyone needs a good headshot and the idea behind a good headshot is simple it’s all about connecting. A good headshot should be an extension of your brand and reflect who you are. Since most business is done online, a great headshot is a good way to connect with your customer. People use headshots for more than just business. I have people coming to me for their Facebook and dating profiles.


Clothing – What do I wear? Is the number one thing I get asked and clothing is the number one thing people get wrong. Clothing is so important when it comes to headshots, so it’s going to be the first thing I talk about. I’ve had people show up with stained fluorescent shirts that were wrinkly and didn’t fit properly. You want clothing that reflects you and that projects the right message about you. No matter what your planning to use headshots for, you want to make sure your clothing doesn’t take away from you, it should be clean, wrinkle-free, and fit properly.
No Ruffles, no metallic shiny materials, No bright colors or busy prints. Clothing should be neutral, complementary, appropriate for the message you want to convey. Don’t bring your Clubbing Hot Mama Mini Skirt for a Professional Headshot, wear a Suit, or sweater.
When in doubt bring options! I always tell people to bring options and they show up with three shirts.  What I mean (options) I want you to fill your trunk with clothes. I want you to bring half you closet.

Hair and Makeup – (Men skip ahead to posing) Hiring a professional gives you professional results but if you can’t splurge…. Make-up should be minimal. Do not go to the Mac counter; 9 times out of 10 they’ll put way too much makeup on you and you’ll show up looking like a drag queen.  Just do your makeup and hair like you normally do.

*For offices – Make sure you send everyone a reminder that they’re having their photographs taken the day before the shoot. Many times people forget we’re taking photos and they don’t bring the clothing that is appropriate for picture taking. Additionally, you should schedule everyone about 15 mins apart. When shooting headshots I tend to shoot tethered to a computer so people can actually pick the image they like best,
Posing – Connect with your audience the way actors do.  When shooting actors they always ask me what’s my motivation? It’s a term that every actor uses, cracks me up but is something to consider. When it comes to your expressions and poses, you really want photos that reflect you and your business. So if your business is something to do with weddings and you want someone to think if I hire this person my wedding will be perfect. You want your photos to reflect someone who’s fun to work with, honest and creative. If you were a mortgage officer you’d want to hire someone that is honest, professional and someone who has a lot of experience. Smile with character!
Photographer – Check out his or her portfolio; you want a photographer who understands lighting, don’t hire anyone whose photos have been overly manipulated. With regards to price, I would never recommend anyone to bargain hunt for a skilled trade service. The old saying you get what you pay for. Meaning don’t hire a photographer that is the cheapest and don’t get the most expensive either. Usually contrary to what you might think most expensive does not mean the best.

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