Tips For Corporate Headshots





Corporate headshots
With so many online businesses corporate headshots are more important then ever before. Corporate headshots are similar and different from other types of headshots. They’re similar because you want to focus on your message.
It is important to consider your company’s message when choosing a background, if you want to reflect a personal message you might want to consider a headshot that is more lifestyle driven and shot on location. If you’d like your message to be strictly professional you probably want to shoot on a plain white or grey background. My personal choice is a white background. A white background looks really clean, crisp and looks good on a webpage.
No matter what message your trying to convey. These photos are a direct reflection of you and your business. That being said you want to choose clothes that complement you. The clothing should fit perfectly. My biggest pet peeve is when a suit doesn’t fit properly. I think suits look best when they look tailored to you. I addition your clothing should be pressed wrinkle free. You should be well groomed and polished.
So grab your power suit and look sharp.