Wedding Planners VS Location Coordinator

When it comes to weddings people often get confused between site/catering coordinators and wedding planners. 
Typically the job of coordinators that are supplied by locations and catering companies only make sure the reception is set correctly as far as plates and cake. They also will make sure people are following the rules and guidelines as far as the venue. Wedding planners are the ones that help the bride with wedding planning.. timelines, vendors, day of management.
Every year I have several brides get the two confused. The brides think the word coordinator means wedding planner and on the day of when things don’t go right they look to the coordinator for help and the coordinator has to explain to the frustrated bride “that’s not my job.”
Unless you’re eloping weddings are overwhelming, especially the day of. You need a good wedding planner to help the day run smooth. 

Wedding planning

My goal when photographing a wedding is to capture the true essence of the event. In order to provide you with the best service, I like to completely understand your vision. Often times when meeting with clients I ask them to describe their perfect wedding. I want to know if your wedding is indoors or outdoors, day or night, classic or modern, formal or informal, is it cosmopolitan or more country… I also want to know the color pallet, what are the decorations going to look like, and what kinds of flowers are you using. Knowing your vision can make all the difference.

Another thing to show your photographer is pictures of the location. Most locations have a website with pictures but more than likely they do not capture everything. Now-a-days everyone has access to camera whether it be your purse sized point and shoot, or a simple camera phone, they don’t have to be award winning photos they just have to give the photographer a feel for the location.

Another thing that’s truly helpful is a timeline. A timeline helps me to track the sun. Knowing the natural lighting I have to work with I can make arrangements to bring more gear if I need to.

The days leading up to your event I spend a great deal of time putting together shotlist, organizing shots within the timeline, getting gear ready, mapping out the location, looking at the location, reviewing notes, etc…..

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