My Little Zipper Doo

Recently I had a lens that went down and wasn’t worth paying to have fixed, so I went all DIY and watched a youtube video opened up the lens and figured out how to fix it myself. When every I buy new equipment or have equipment repaired I have to do a test. Zipper Doo happens to be my test subject 99.9% of the time. I figured I should post a photo or two. I think this lens is going to require more extensive testing but so far so good.


Photographer’s Favorite Photo

This photograph I took in high school and today is still one of my most favorite photographs. The magic in this photograph is that there was no photoshop used and this was a straight up print from a negative. This is a double exposer. I first photographed this girl in studio against a black seem-less backdrop, then marked and rewound my film and shot grass. Then developed the film and printed this shot.
There was no photo shop used to create this photograph, and what appears to be her hair is nothing more then the texture in the grass. Unfortunately I didn’t rinse my film very good and there is a fixes stain on the negative so this digital file is a photo scan of my last remaining print.