Photographer’s Favorite Photo

This photograph I took in high school and today is still one of my most favorite photographs. The magic in this photograph is that there was no photoshop used and this was a straight up print from a negative. This is a double exposer. I first photographed this girl in studio against a black seem-less backdrop, then marked and rewound my film and shot grass. Then developed the film and printed this shot.
There was no photo shop used to create this photograph, and what appears to be her hair is nothing more then the texture in the grass. Unfortunately I didn’t rinse my film very good and there is a fixes stain on the negative so this digital file is a photo scan of my last remaining print.


Photos from my DC Trip

Here are a couple images from my recent 2 week trip to Washington DC. I went to DC to go visit my boyfriend who is going to be there for the next couple months, and to finally meet his family. While he was busy during the day working, I ran around seeing everything.
Here is a complete list of everything I got to see…
All the monuments during the day and at night
The Pentagon
The White House
Arlington Cemetery
Toured the Capital Building
The Library of Congress
The American History Museum
The Natural History Museum
The National Archives
The National Art Gallery East and West
The Portrait Gallery
The Spy Museum
The Newseum
The Air and Space Museum
The Holocaust Museum
I also spent on night in Philadelphia where I got to see the broad Museum and The Swedish museum.
Next time I go I’m going to book some portrait sessions and see old friends.













Photographer Vs. Camera


I have an old school opinion when it comes to photography. I believe as a professional photographer you see great photographs and use a camera to capture them; instead of relying on your camera to make photographs and then use Photoshop to manipulate them. When you look through my Portfolio keep in mind the only things that I Photoshop are exit and stop signs.
One time a guy came up to me at a wedding and said something to the effect with those cameras you’re guaranteed a great photographs. The comment bugged me and here is why. In my opinion photography is all about the photographer not the camera. The camera is simply equipment that captures the unique world that the photographer sees. As a profession photographer I believe I can get a great shots with any camera. The trick is you have to know your cameras limitations with in relationship to lighting. Ansel Adams is a perfect example. Ansel Adams was considered one of the greatest photographers of all time. He created amazing photographs long before the advent of digital cameras and Photoshop. He had a very simple 8×10 view camera and delivered high quality prints. He is considered a dark room master and yet he printed without a fancy enlarger only a whole in the wall and a sheet of glass. A great photographer can take great images using any camera and without Photoshop.

Men vs. Female Photographer




Professional photographers have traditionally been men and jobs within photography has always seemed a little like a boys club. I can remember talking with a professional wedding photographer while I was still in school at Brooks in Santa Barbara. He was explaining to me how male photographers should be worried that more women are becoming photographers. He said, “women are better at capturing moments and they have better intuition than men.” (This came from a male wedding photographer)  I think he is right when it comes to wedding photography. I would think a bride would rather have a woman capturing her day because women get how important weddings are, not that men don’t but it’s different.
I can remember when I first got out of school and I was assisting for professional fashion and celebrity photographers. I always felt like being a girl assisting is like a woman trying to be a fireman. As an assistant, you spend most of your days lifting heavy equipment. For a short time, I assisted photographers for Play Boy Magazine. (I’m not a pervert; at the time it was the best job in town.) While assisting these photographers I realized that a man is much better naturally at shooting a naked woman because they can relate to what a man finds sexy. I think the same is true when it comes to wedding photography. A female photographer knows what is important to a bride because she can relate.  She can also be in the bride’s room while she’s changing and getting ready. She gets the importance of capturing the simple things that are meaningful to a girl. 
Sometimes things happen at weddings that only a girl is going to understand why it’s important and know that it needs to be captured. My opinion on woman photographing weddings comes from my own personal experience from hiring men, knowing many male wedding photographers. I know there are exceptions but in general, I feel like my statements are true.
*Plus so much of photography is about color and 70% of men are colorblind to some extent.