Being Camera Ready

 In general, I find there are two types of people when it comes to getting their pictures taken. There are those people that are simply natural at taking photos. We all know these people they are our photogenic friends that can’t take a bad photo. Many times I find it difficult to get candid photos of these people because they track the camera, and as soon as I go to shoot they look and smile. Then there are the normal people that don’t know their angles, aren’t used to taking photos. I always suggest that these people book an engagement session. Only because if you’re not used to getting your picture taken you might not know what your angles and you might be doing wrong. If a photographer gets the opportunity to photograph you before your big day they will know how to photograph you before your event. I always say engagement sessions aren’t for engagement photos, there for the wedding photos. 


Camera Distortion

We’ve all had our picture taken and thought I look fat….

When I think of camera distortion I take into account two things my lens and posing. Some lenses can make you look tall and skinny and others make you look short and fat. A good photographer will know which lenses are appropriate to use.
Posing is a little tricky… My basic rule of thumb is whatever is close to the camera looks bigger. That being said if you hate the way your arms look you want to pull them back, so they look smaller.
Here is a video that will go more in depth into posing.

Photographer Vs. Camera


I have an old school opinion when it comes to photography. I believe as a professional photographer you see great photographs and use a camera to capture them; instead of relying on your camera to make photographs and then use Photoshop to manipulate them. When you look through my Portfolio keep in mind the only things that I Photoshop are exit and stop signs.
One time a guy came up to me at a wedding and said something to the effect with those cameras you’re guaranteed a great photographs. The comment bugged me and here is why. In my opinion photography is all about the photographer not the camera. The camera is simply equipment that captures the unique world that the photographer sees. As a profession photographer I believe I can get a great shots with any camera. The trick is you have to know your cameras limitations with in relationship to lighting. Ansel Adams is a perfect example. Ansel Adams was considered one of the greatest photographers of all time. He created amazing photographs long before the advent of digital cameras and Photoshop. He had a very simple 8×10 view camera and delivered high quality prints. He is considered a dark room master and yet he printed without a fancy enlarger only a whole in the wall and a sheet of glass. A great photographer can take great images using any camera and without Photoshop.