Amazing Engagement Session

Henry says his favorite thing about Yesenia is her laugh. They met at a latin dance class and Yesenia made him work for her but ultimately she was the one the one that asked him out on their first date. Spending a couple hours photographing them I have to say they you can see how much they simply adore each other. I posted a lot more photos than I normally do but honestly out of the hundreds I took it was really hard to pick favorites. The whole entire session is simply gorgeous!



Engagement Photography Sessions

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An engagement session is like a dress rehearsal. It gives you the oppertunity to work with your photographer before your wedding day. You get a chance to see how your photographer works and your photographer gets to see how you pose. I like to use these sessions to teach my clients posing tricks, that they would never learn otherwise. For an example people are always complaining to me about their arms. How can I pose so my arms look slender? I’ll work on that with you. I’ll also be able to tell you if you tilt your head too far up or down. (which is really common)

Engagement portraits are mainly used as displays for the wedding, but they can also be used for engagement announcements, save the date, invitations, thank you cards, news papers, gifts, Christmas cards, sign in books, emails, etc…