Eartha Jamie’s Engagement Session

This was an absolutely stunning engagement session with such a cute couple. I find it always interesting to find out how my clients meet. Eartha is a nurse and met Jamie who is a Doctor at working at the hospital. I’m so excited for their big day that is right around the corner.

Congrats you two!






























Adriana & Jason Are Engaged!!!


Adrianna and Jason are both active military. Adrianna lives in DC, Jason is stationed in Japan and their getting married at the La Coast Resort and Spa in Carlsbad, CA. My husband and I have a place in DC and it just worked out that I’d be in DC the same time as Jason, so we scheduled an engagement session. It was such a treat to shoot their engagement session on the east coast on a beautiful Fall afternoon. 














My Quick Tips For Engagement photos
  • Don’t wear clothes the wrinkle 
  • Don’t wear clothes that shine
  • Try to stay away from bold clothing
  • Down play parts of your body that aren’t flattering
  • Highlight your attributes
  • Bring lots of clothing options
  • Make sure you’re both on the same page. Meaning dress for the same occasion and complement each other.



Why Engagement Sessions and Second Photographers?

Engagement Sessions are really important. They’re not simply to have a fun photo shoot and the result being great photos. I look at engagement sessions as dress rehearsals for the big day. I get the chance to teach posing techniques, see how a couple photographs together and we get the chance to bond before the big day. I find all people that do engagement sessions have better wedding photos. When you’re planning your engagement session its important to consider what you’re going to wear very carefully. I like it when people coordinate their color pallet, dress in the same style and look like their dressed for the same event. In plain English, if you’re planning to wear royal blue, then the other person should dress in a complementary color like royal purple, red… If you going to dress in a sweater for the session then the other person shouldn’t be dressed for the beach. If you’re planning to wear sophisticated evening outfit then the other person shouldn’t be dressed to go bowling. In addition, you want to pick colors that look good on you. As a blond, I can’t wear most yellows, oranges, and purples. You also want to stay away from clothing that reads anything including branding and logos.

Another thing to consider when planning your wedding is a second photographer. Personally, if I were getting married I’d want 3-4 photographers covering my event. Additional photographers provide additional angles of multiple events and overall more coverage. One of my favorite examples is when the brides walking down the aisle, when you have second photographers you get both the front view and the back view. The front shows the brides nervous, overjoyed face and the back shows all the guests looking at her. Another great reason to have to photographers is the getting ready portion of the day. While I’m with the bride the second photographer can be with the groom. You get a lot more when you decide to go with additional photographers.