Funny photographer quotes….

Here are some funny memes. They’re a little photo geeky but I think they’re funny so I’m sharing.

  • It’s not about the size of the lens, It’s how you use it.
  • I’m about to snap!
  • Photographer because freaking miracle worker is not official job title period
  • What the F…. stop
  • Memory making equipment toting, season planning, photo editing, people watching, smile encouraging, the Event loving, always snapping photographer
  • I’ve been known to flash people
  • The grass is always greener when you crank up the saturation
  • I’m just a hot piece of glass.
  • Cut the Crop!
  • I can freeze time! What’s your superpower?
  • I shoot people and sometimes cut off their heads.
  • Don’t be negative!
  • When life gets blurry adjust your focus
  • Shoot the kids, hang the family, frame the wife

My Editing Process for Weddings

Many people think photography is such a great job. I get paid to take photos? Taking photos isn’t even a 10th of my job as a photographer. Most of my time is sitting in front of a computer editing. I know several photographers that shoot and print but I’m not one of those. I think the editing process is as important as taking pictures. 
After shooting an event I go home download and backup all my files. Then I load all those photos into a laptop so I can go through and check focus. Which means I blow up and check thousands of images, to make sure the focus is exactly on the focal point. (When I was in school one of my instructors was nicknamed the focus Nazi. He scared me for life.) 
After the focus check I do a quick run through looking for images that aren’t up to my standards, then batch process for the initial color saturation, rename the files, back up and re-upload. 
At this point I’ve put a couple days of work into the event. Once the files are all re-uploaded color and I go through correct each file. Then I organize the files and upload them oto an online gallery. At this point, I will email my clients and let them know that the gallery is up and they can start picking out their final images and share the gallery with family and friends. 
Once they have made their final selections I will double check their final images, confirm their address and mail them out a disc. 
While my process is very long I really think it’s the best way to ensure that my clients receive quality images. I know most photographers limit their editing and some only spend 4hrs max. Can’t imagine their clients being happy with the final result but….






The New Studio

It has always been a dream of mine to own my own photography studio, so I’m very excited to share what I’ve been working on the last couple months.
Downstairs is a retail space and my office.

Upstairs is where are the magic happens.