A note for Wedding Vendors

In the wedding industry referrals are so important. I think when you refer someone it has a direct reflection on you and your business. Which is why simply liking a persons personality isn’t reason enough to refer them.
Here is why we’re the best…
–           I produce consistent results consistently. Consistency is the mark of a true professional photographer. A photographer should have a style that is consistent throughout their portfolio. When someone hires a photographer they hire him or her for their style. Many times I go through a photographers website and find that every single photograph looks like completely different. Which means you really have no idea what you’re going to get when you hire that photographer. Many professional photographers shoot in auto settings and auto color correct. I shoot with manual settings and I hand color correct. If someone is going to simply work in auto you might as well hire your uncle to shoot the wedding.
–           People always say, “Being a wedding photographer must be stressful? (What if something happen)” I usually reply with “Yes, I think it can be.” I take the stress out of my job by doing a lot of up front planning with my clients, researching locations and making sure that I’m backup. Back up is essential when it comes to being a wedding photographer. I bring 3 professional cameras to every wedding. I always say I have to have a back up for my back up. People don’t realize how important back up is until something happens. In my opinion cameras fail, hard drives fail and my goal/job is to make sure that when they fail no body knows about it because I’m prepared and backed up.
–           On the big day my team is always on time and dressed professionally.
When it comes to my sales strategy… I hate being pressured, I hate up sales, and I hate fine print. I want my reputation and quality of work to speak for its self.  
I believe when you have your own business you should love what you do, and exceed client expectations.  Your business should be a direct reflection of your heart. (I’m so cheesy but you have to be in this business. lol)