What should we wear for our family portrait session?





People are always asking what they should wear for family portrait sessions. I always tell them “you should match” not that they should all wear the same exact outfits but dress in a similar style and complementary hues. The best examples I’ve found of this, is the Tommy Hilfiger advertisements. Everyone is dressed for the same season, they match, but their not all wearing the same thing. Below are some examples…


How to shoot kids


I can’t stand to see people struggle to photograph kids when it’s so easy. The number one mistake I see over and over is that people try and force kids to pose a certain way or do something; which never seems to work. What I do is I take a more candid approach and let the child lead the shoot. I photograph the world through their eyes. The approach has had incredible results because it gets the kids involved. The kids are more interested in taking photographs and have a lot more patients when it comes to having their portrait taken. The best part is you capture the child’s natural expressions and things that interest them; which means when looking over the family album you can “that’s when you were going through your owl phase.”
Kids do cute things all the time; all you have to do is capture it.