Melissa’s Family Session

Melissa who is about 5 months pregnant in these photos wanted to take some family photos to use for christmas cards, announcement cards and to simply have this period of time in her life captured. It was a very cute afternoon with ton of beautiful images captured.
I typically charge for family sessions like this $300 which includes all the digital negatives from the shoot and no time limits.
I find that when clients spend a little more time picking out there clothes it makes a huge difference in the final product. It used to be that when photographers would go out to shoot family portraits everyone would wear white T-shirts and blue jeans, gone are those days. Now I tell all my clients that they don’t want to match but look like they go together. I tell people to try and dress in the same color pallet and wear clothes that look like your going to the same event. You don’t want to look like you going to a cocktail party while your husband is wearing swim trunks. While I know that sounds absolutely ridiculous I’ve seen it before and that why it’s an example.